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He’s home!

Surprise, I’m impatient. Domino has been doing so well today that we decided to bring him home two days early. He will still go to work with me tomorrow for a bandage change, but tomorrow night he’s home for good! The vet decided earlier today that Domino was progressing so well and in so little pain to stop his big time pain meds(tramadol) and to just keep him on the metacam, which seems to be fine. He has shown no signs of pain at all today. So we did some last minute shopping tonight (crate, elevated dish etc) and brought him home. So far he’s done great! He met my other two dogs briefly and they seem to be getting along very well. It has still been an interesting transition. Not only is Dom trying to adjust after major surgery, but he’s transitioning into a new home as well. New smells, new rules, new housemates. But bless his heart he’s taking it all in stride. I haven’t heard a whine or whimper since being home. I’m ordering his webmaster harness soon, to help assist him with car rides and such. But for now, him and my other pups are tucked in for the night. I apologize in advance for all the pictures and videos to come!!

Cassie and Domino

My two boys finally got to meet!

My two boys finally got to meet!

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  1. benny55 said,

    May 16, 2014 @ 4:17 am     Reply

    WE LOVE PICTURES AND VIDEOS AROUND HERE!! And when they’re as cute as Domino and your other pup (who is a very pretty/handsome pup…maybe a little Bull Mastiff in his genes?), the more pictures the better!!

    Domino is so lucky to have you as his advocate and partner now! You are a very kind soul with a huge heart!

    Gosh, I have to say, to not be on any real pain meds this early is very, very unusual! Almost everyone here has their dog or cat on a steady dose of Tramadol and Gabapentin and Metacam for at lesst the first week…at lesst!
    As you already know, it’s much harder to stop pain once it gets a head start. Maybe Domino’s surgery is different from those of us who’ve had to deal with an amputatin due to bone cancer. Clearly I’m not a vet and I’m sure Domino’s vet is n topof things…..just thought I’d throw the pain meds thing out there.

    Yo are so caring to bring Domino into your home!!! He’s going to have an amzaing pain free life full of so much joy and happiness thanks to you!

    Can’t wait for more updates o your amazing Domino and te rest of your pack!

    Hugs to all!!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    • Cassie said,

      May 16, 2014 @ 10:42 am     Reply

      Yea, we’re continuing the metacam for another week, but that’s currently all he’s on. And thanks for your sweet words on my big guy! His name is Finn, he’s an Anatolian Shepherd. And so far him and Domino are doing great together!

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