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First weekend

So, Domino has been home with us since Thursday night. He is now 4 days post amputation and doing amazing! He still has his bandage on due to some slight swelling on the bottom of his incision, but it should come off tomorrow. He’s still getting along great with my other two dogs. We haven’t left them unsupervised at all since he’s still recovering. The only “problem” we’ve had is Domino has been very clingy. Recovery wise he’s great, he’s walking outside on his own, eating fine, Im barely having to help him get around. But he always wants to be next to me. If Im in my bedroom he wants to be on the bed with me. If I sit on the couch he wants to get in my lap. When we walk, he has to be right on my hip. And Im trying not to baby him, I don’t pick him up, I encourage him to lay on his bed in the living room. But the only time he seems comfortable and not panting constantly, is when he’s with me. So for now we’re doing a bit of tough love and a bit of comforting. Again, his recovery is coming along very well. His ruffwear webmaster harness has already shipped and is on the way. And we’re looking at life vests now. He can’t swim for a while, he gets his staples out late next week, but then has an appointment to get neutered on the 30th. So he’ll still be out of commission for a couple extra weeks. All in all things are looking up. Everyone at the clinic that has helped take care of him for the past week and a half has marveled not only at his fast recovery time, but how much happier he seems to be since his amputation. Hopefully things continue to go this well! Bye for now!

Cassie and Domino

Domino sporting his baseball jersey to keep his incision clean

Domino sporting his baseball jersey to keep his incision clean

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