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I live in beautiful South Carolina with my 9 furbabies. Yes 9. I have 2 cats, a ferret, 3 rats, and 3 amazing dogs. An Australian Shepherd named Domino who had his front leg amputated after a car accident, a 14yr old border collie mix, and a 5 year old Anatolian Shepherd.

Surprise Hemimandibulectomy!

I haven’t updated in forever!! A lot has happened since my last update unfortunately. As far as life on three legs, Domino is doing amazing! He’s now 3 years and 4 months a Tripawd and with regular rehab exercises he’s doing great on three legs. However a few months ago I noticed a hard bony […]

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18 Months and Better Than Ever!

We are just shy of the 18 month mark!!! The super cute three legged spotted wiggle butt has wiggled his way into a special place in my heart. There is something about this dog that I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing with another pupper. Obviously I absolutely adore my entire pack, they all mean […]

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VA Tripawd Pawty and Being More Dog

We had a blast this past weekend in Fredericksburg!!!! This was my vacation to live and be more dog! We took this vacay solely for the dogs… a first for me. But whatever the dogs wanted they got, we walked for miles, we rolled in grass, we (they) peed on everything, they sniffed more butts […]

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Our first year together has been one to remember

One year. It still sounds crazy to say! Domino has been in my life for one whole year. We have had our ups and downs together, but I wouldn’t trade him for all the money in the world. Last Wednesday the 13th was his 1 year ampuversary. I brought him home the night of his […]

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Wow. 9 months! Really? Could it possibly be that short of a time!? Domino celebrated his 9 month ampuversary last Friday the 13th! It feels like he’s been a part of the family forever. I couldn’t possibly imagine our pack without my precious Tripawd. No matter how bad of a day I’ve had, there’s always […]

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Just a Quick Update

Hi all! It’s been too long since our last post so I thought I would update you guys on all things Domino! Dom is now right in between his 4 and 5 month ampuversary. He continues to sail along like three legs was just meant to be. I recently got a new job, which means […]

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12 weeks!

We’re almost to our 3 month mark! But today marks 12 weeks since Domino had his amputation and came to live with me. Things have been amazing and definitely changed for the better. I was skeptical at first about adding a third dog to my pack, but he fits in wonderfully. Our first 12 weeks […]

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10 week update

Not much has changed since our previous update, but I figured I would update y’all on all things Domino! We have about 2 weeks left in obedience class and Dom is doing great! He’s turned out to be a very quick learner and very eager to please. We are still going to work towards our […]

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Fun day!

I know this is a late post, but it’s been a busy week! This past Tuesday was Domino’s 7 week ampuversary! So, to celebrate we took a walk at the local Botanical Gardens!! Granted, it was a short walk, but it was a blast. It’s my favorite spot to walk Finn, my big guy, and […]

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Playtime Videos!

Since a couple of people were having trouble viewing the previous videos, here they are again!

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